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What can be better if you get your business local listing in Google’s local 3-pack. This can bring a lot of organic traffic and have a cascading effect on your digital power. There is no way to achieve this quickly. That means local businesses must rely on best local SEO for increased online visibility. Here it is important to know that local SERP’s are highly competitive and staying visible in the local 3 pack has become harder than ever.

You can either do it by hiring a local SEO services provider or DIY, though it’s bit complicated to do. Whether you want local SEO services in Delhi for restaurant, real estate brokerage, hospital or any other type of local SEO services, local SEO comes handy.

You can improve your local search result by making some easy improvements to your local SEO. It will have a tangible impact on your organic search rankings. Here we have shared some effective local SEO tips for your business.

Here are eight hacks that you can start using today to boost your short- and long-term local SEO efforts.

1. Simulate Local Search During Keyword Research

Simulate Local Search During Keyword Research – It’s no secret that every good local SEO strategy starts with the keywords strategy. For starters, Google Keywords planners can be a good tool, but you need to use advanced keywords strategies if you want to get better keywords. You can use related results from Google local listing and social media discussion can provide a good idea about keywords people are using. We have made an extensive post on keywords research that will provide you a good idea about the keywords research process.

Now let’s get back to point. Since Google killed its location search filter in December 2015, simulating search results from different cities became much more difficult. Adding a location to your keyword has now become complicated as for the same keyword, search engines will show different results. So how you can do it:

Include the “near” parameter in the URL:

Once you type your query, modify the URL by adding “&near=cityname.” It gives results as if you are searching from the nearby places.

Use the “uule” parameter: Change each search result with a base64 encoded form of the “Canonical Name” of a location known as the “uule” parameter.

Use software for targeting specific GPS coordinates: Allow the algorithm to geotarget your keywords via GPS coordinates is the best way. Check out this list of software solutions for local rank checking.

2. Capitalize on Easy Link Building Opportunities

Capitalize on Easy Link Building Opportunities:-

Link signals are considered the most powerful ranking factor for Google as it accounts for 29 percent of ranking factors, therefore, it’s the most important priority for SEO marketers; and so it should be your top priority for your local SEO priorities. But building organic links takes time. To get faster result, you need epic content and a solid influence strategy in order to take advantage of link building opportunities.

Here are the places where you can actually look for team’s link building opportunities.

  • Local business websites
  • Local press
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Yelp and similar directories
  • Fixing broken links is the easiest way of building backlinks. Just search for high-ranking posts in your niche for broken links.

3. Use Competitor Research to Discover More Backlink Opportunities

Use Competitor Research to Discover More Backlink Opportunities:-

Competitor research can give you an insight about the link profile of your rival businesses. You can use a competitor research tools and discover the link building opportunities which otherwise you cannot have seen.

  • Find out which sites are more prone to linking
  • Find out the relative domain authority of each site
  • Make a list of the most influential domains
  • Perform link outreach to the domains on your list

4. Optimize Google Business Listing

Optimize Google Business Listing:-

Google My Business page is considered the most important ranking factor in local business SEO. The good news is that optimizing it is quite easy.

  • Claim your listing
  • Go through “Google local listing verification” (Verify your account ) process
  • Make sure that your business details are up-to-date
  • Upload high-quality business images
  • After your Google My Business Page is set up , the best way to keep optimize it add customer reviews.

5. Curate Customer Proof

Curate Customer Proof:-

Nothing is more reliable than social proof. Using social proof such as customer testimonial is the most powerful content at your disposal. Reviews, testimonials, and case studies are extremely powerful ranking signal and persuasive pieces of copy that often decides. Getting customer proof is not very difficult. You can also ask for reviews from them. You can offer little discount for doing that and soon you’ll realize that you have a solid social reputation on all social network.

6. Build a Citation Profile

Build a Citation Profile:-

Any local SEO expert can reveal you the importance of having a strong citation profile and it’s also the most talked about points in the local SEO Services checklist.

Mark Scully on Search Engine Journal writes,

“You haven’t a hope of outperforming your local competition if you’re not investing a large proportion of your time into getting yourself listed on quality industry and city specific citation sources.”

It can be done simply by taking out time for the common keywords used profusely for your industry and location. Identify for the organic results of the website, and then approach them to get your business listed.

Attracting local citations will be easier if you are a brand. That’s what you need to remember. Therefore, you need to focus on your core pages. Present your website as an irresistible brand. If you’re able to do that attracting citations will become easier for you. There is one more aspect, which is often ignored by people.

Campbell says, “It is also important to keep all the data on your listings consistent, using the same structure and information, and avoiding abbreviations as this will just lead to confusion with Google.” Using the above strategy will help you achieve good citations.

7. Using a Third Party for Local Citations & Listings

This is another powerful local strategy. You can outsource the local listing SEO strategy for the purpose of building citations and listings. Several third party businesses allow you to post google local business listing such as NAP data, short and long descriptions, URLs etc. They can use their connections to get that data on other websites. Some third party vendors have also agreement with certain data providers that can get your job done. Some of these third party services are:

  • Yext
  • Advice Local
  • Whitespark
  • BrightLocal
  • MozLocal

It is to be noted that not all of these service providers provide the same level of service, this is mainly due to the
agreement they have with other websites. Some of them can submit to just 30 websites, and others like Advice Local listing can help you get hundreds of citations including links of your website.

8. Review’s Importance

Ask any local SEO expert about the importance of reviews in local SEO on Google, he will quick to tell you how much it helps in boosting ranking. It will encourage others to visit your website. Getting good reviews encourage others to visit your website. People do take decisions based on the reviews whether you are a hotel, car or real estate broker. If your local business is a service-type business or another business and you want to register on google business local listing, google reviews will really affect your business. You should have a very good strategy in place for dealing with reviews.

google local business listings - local listing

Therefore, local businesses need to request local listing and encourage their customers to write reviews. They can offer them a little discount and cash back to take this extra pain. You can choose to offer them iPad to any random viewer. That will encourage them to go extra miles and write few good words for you.

They should also respond to any negative review quickly as they are left whether it’s positive or negative. If it’s positive review, thank the customer. And for negative review, come in the damage control mode quickly.

Often many local businesses take time to verify their locals listings and are not able to offer prompt response to reviews. You can engage your employees to develop a strategy in and make sure they respond to every positive and negative criticism quickly. You can send customer a letter or email requesting them to provide reviews after the product or service is delivered.

You can leave a place on your website where they can anonymously leave reviews. You can choose to create a comment box at your business.

However, Google attaches importance to reviews on third party sites. You should make a thorough strategy for these different sites. Here are the more important places where third party reviews are posted:

  • Manta (manta.
  • Facebook (
  • Final Thoughts
  • Trip Advisor (
  • Yellowpages (
  • Yelp (
  • Angie’s List (
  • Foursquare (
  • Better Business Bureau (

It is to be noted that not all of these local listing seo service providers, provide the same level of service, this is mainly due to the agreement they have with other websites. Some of them can submit to just 30 websites, and others like Advice Local can help you get hundreds of citations including links of your website.

Constantly, However, once your solid link and social profile is created, it becomes easier to sustain in the long term.